WHAT WE DO for clients, is a combination of our in-house expertise and our expert partners. The expertise you have access to as a client of Bisi Money is very broad.
We are first to admit we are not experts at everything so we have a network of trusted advisors to make sure our clients are getting the best all round advice. Our expert partners are carefully selected to ensure our clients are being well looked after.

In-house expertise
  • Everyday Money Management

    The most underappreciated area in financial planning. We take the pain out of budgeting by using the latest technology to connect your bank accounts and credit cards and bring your plan to life. Budgeting is not something you should be worried about. It is one of the most sensible practices one can undertake. Your entire future is the sum of your daily, monthly and yearly income and expenses, so getting it under control is critical to your success. Understanding, projecting, monitoring and reviewing your income and expenses can offer real peace of mind and puts a solid structure around your financial plans.
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    What we do
    • Budget analysis
    • Financial and lifestyle goal analysis
    • Future balance sheet and cashflow projections
    • Modelling of investment portfolios
    • Monitor actual versus budget using cloud based technology
  • Life insurance and income protection

    Insurance is a way of reducing the risk that your plan won’t go ahead due to illness, injury or death. There are a number of different types of insurances and each should be understood in detail before deciding which is right for you. These are common insurances and their potential benefits:

      Life insurance: pays a lump sum on death of the insured

      TPD: pays a lump sum if the insured is sick or injured and unlikely to ever be able to work again.

      Trauma: pays a lump sum on diagnosis of a range of different illnesses including cancer, heart attack and stroke.

      Income protection: covers a portion of your income, usually 75%, if you are sick or injured and unable to work.
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    What we do
    • Needs analysis to determine what types of insurances you need and how much
    • Provide quotes
    • Recommend an insurer and policy
    • Discuss affordability and how to fund premiums (through super or personally)
    • Assistance with application process
    • Assist with claims
  • Superannuation

    Superannuation is term used to describe the favourable taxation structure where Australians have their retirement savings. The government mandates that a portion of your income is directed to superannuation so that you may be self-reliant when you decide to stop working.

    Choosing a fund, and the investments within that fund can be a daunting process. The importance of superannuation to your long term prosperity is not to be underestimated though and it is likely that you will need to make additional (above the forced amounts) contributions to your super in order to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

    Typical types of super funds include; industry funds, retail funds, wholesale funds and self-managed funds. The right fund and investment selection for you depends on your own situation and objectives.
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    What we do
    • Review your current fund(s)
    • Research fees, performance and investment selection
    • Provide advice on a new funds (or to stay with current fund)
    • Provide advice on how to invest your super
    • Run projections to show how much you may have at retirement
    • Assist with consolidating multiple funds into one fund
  • Investments

    Personal investments combined with superannuation will be your retirement nest egg. They could include investment properties, shares, managed funds, term deposits, even a private business.

    While we cannot recommend all investment types due to our own licensing and expertise limitations, we do include them in our budgeting and cashflow service so you are provided with a full view of your financial position.
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    What we do
    • Build investment strategies that include shares, managed funds, term deposits
    • Model your future investment growth and income
    • Model your other investments such as property portfolios, private business or shares
    • Refer to experts where you require advice outside our authority: ie buyers agents for future property acquisitions
Expert partners
  • Mortgage broking

    The Great Australian Dream of owning your own home is shared by many. Finding a suitable loan type and lender on your own can be a cumbersome process. Thankfully, mortgage brokers are able to assist with that task.

    We only deal with respected and reputable brokers that we trust to do the best by our clients. As financial planning and mortgage broking are very complementary services, we work closely with our broker partners to ensure clients are getting the best outcome.

    You generally do not need to pay a mortgage broker a direct fee for their service. Instead, they are paid a commission by lenders for ‘originating’ a loan. As most lenders pay the same commissions, the potential for conflicts of interest are fairly minimal and our trusted partners have processes in place to ensure their own conflicts are managed.
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  • Property buying agent

    The majority of our clients own or want to own one or more properties. Finding a house to live in and finding a house as an investment are two vastly different tasks.

    We highly recommend the use of a buyers agent when buying investment property. A buyers agent works for the buyer to help them find and purchase a property that meets any number of investment criteria including rental yield, capital growth potential, development potential and many more.

    A buyers agent should not receive any payment from a property vendor as this is seen as a conflicted arrangement. Buyers agents generally charge a fixed fee for their services.
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  • Accounting

    Accounting and financial planning are complimentary services and often a financial planner will need to refer to an accountant as planners are not licensed to make certain accounting related recommendations.

    As with a financial planner, a long term relationship with your accountant is recommended as you will often need to run things by him or her to understand tax and other consequences.

    We are able to work with your accountant or we can refer you to one of our trusted accounting partners.
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  • Legal

    The field of law is very broad. The legal experts we deal with are most commonly specialists in commercial law or estate law.

    Ensuring you have a Will and power of attorney is a must. If you have children, guardianship and structuring your estate correctly should not be overlooked.
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