• 01. How much do you charge?
    Our initial consultation is cost and obligation free. During this consultation we will look at your situation in more detail and discuss areas in which we may be able to help. After the initial consultation meeting, you will be sent a fixed price quote and terms of engagement which you can accept or decline. Our fee ranges can be found under SERVICES.
  • 02. What if I can't get to you during normal business hours?
    We operate Monday to Friday during normal business hours but understand that sometimes that will not be convenient for everyone. We are able to accommodate out of hours meetings on request.
  • 03. Can you meet me at my home or office?
    Meeting outside of your home or office can sometimes be useful as there are fewer potential distractions however we can meet at any mutually convenient location subject to the travel required.
  • 04. Is there any obligation for me to proceed after our first meeting?
    Certainly not. Our first meeting is cost and obligation free. If you do not want to receive a proposal or continue in any way after our first meeting then that is completely fine.
  • 05. What can i expect at my first meeting?
    Before we meet face to face for the first time we will talk briefly on the phone to determine if we can offer the type of service that you may be looking for. Your first meeting is free, so it's best we are both on the same page with our expectations. At our first meeting, we run through your personal situation in detail and talk about what you are hoping to do in the future both personally and financially. We will likely run some financial modelling or do some calculations to show the financial impact of certain choices, i.e. increasing your savings capacity, upgrading your house. After our first meeting, we will email you a formal proposal including fixed price quote which you can choose to accept or decline.
  • 06. What does a financial planner actually do?
    I can't speak for all financial planners as each practice and individual adviser can do things differently. At Bisi Money, our focus is on helping you stay informed of your complete financial position, both past, present and future through the use of technology. We use award winning software to connect to your bank accounts, credit cards, and loan accounts so every dollar your earn and spend is accounted for. When you are engaged with your financial position and your financial progress, you are much more likely to hit your goals and make great financial decisions. We are different in that we are very happy to work with your other advisers such as mortgage brokers, property buyers agents or accountants. If you want to buy investment properties, we will show you how to pay for them.
  • 07. How can I pay your fees using my super fund?
    If Bisi Money provides advice in relation to your superannuation fund then we MAY be able to charge a fee to your fund for the provision of that advice. It is up to the trustee of your super fund to approve the payment of that fee but in most cases it is completely legal and allowable.
  • 08. Do you recommend investment properties?
    Unfortunately we are not licensed to advise on the acquisition of any particular property however if you have an existing investment property strategy, this can be modeled and tracked through our highly effective Money Management program. Australians generally have a strong desire to own investment properties so we work closely with property buyers agents and mortgage brokers to provide the monitoring framework through which their strategy can be viewed and followed.
  • 09. Can you help me consolidate my super?
    Yes we can. As part of our superannuation advice service, we can review all your current super funds; fees, performance, investment allocation; and recommend a suitable fund to have your other funds rollover into.
  • 10. Do you offer tax advice services?
    We are not qualified accountants although we do take taxation into account when developing our financial plans. We are able to liaise with your existing accountant if required, or recommend a suitable accountant to you if you do not have one.