At Bisi Money, our focus is on you and helping you grow your wealth at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Whether you are looking to buy your first property, or you are wanting to expand your portfolio, we have the perfect financial advice package for you, starting from as little as $65 per month.

Unlike many other advisers, we don’t just focus on your insurance or superannuation. We focus on your goals:
Lifestyle – house, car, holidays, wedding…
Financial – investment properties, shares, a business…

To help you achieve your Lifestyle and Financial goals, we will give you a Financial Plan which may include a Wealth Plan: investments and superannuation, a Cash Flow Plan: banking set up and budgeting and/or an Insurance Plan: Income Protection, Life Insurance.

In most cases our fees may be tax-deductible and/or payable from your superannuation fund.

Every client receives unique access to the Bisi Money Wealth Portal – where your financial plan comes to life.

* Live RP data feeds for your property(ies)
* Live transaction information from all your bank accounts
* Connect with your investment property managers
* All your assets: super, cars, contents, collectibles
* Secure cloud storage of all your financial documents
* Invite guests to your profile: accountant, advisers, family
* Request pre-approvals, further financial advice, property valuations
* Basic and advanced wealth/cashflow reporting


If you only want advice in a specific area, i.e. insurance or anything listed under our Expertise, please just ask us.

Bisi Money - personal wealth portal on Vimeo.

If you are a property investor, the Bisi Money Wealth Portal will make managing and growing your portfolio a breeze. Get live RP data, monthly property reports, connect to your property manager, save documents in the cloud, reconcile rent and more. Tax time has never been so simple.

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